Paul and Patty Against the Poo (01)

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Chapter 1

Emeka had lived with his mother in the rundown apartment in Surulere all his life, so he was very use to the smell. However, his cousin Chi Chi who was relocating from the village could not handle it.

“Chai, how person go live ere? Abi you won kill me with dis smell. Chukwubuikem, please deliver me.” Chi Chi complained.

“O gini? Come, no dey act like village no dey smell. After all, I have been dere. You will get used to it. Lagos is better than Abia State anyday. Oya gini ke cho e li?” Emeka responded.

“How can you talk about food, abi your nose don block? Village no dey smell like dis at all at all. We get sense pass you all. We no dey live like sardines or sleep besides our own waste. Kai. Nah only God fit save Lagos. And you no dis pollution dey cause disease.” Chi Chi added, as she covered her nose with her hands and moved closer to the fresh plant … growing on the window ledge.

“Okay, okay, okay. Since you are gonna be living with us, here, while in school what do you wanna do aborri it?” Emeka asked as he gave up on leading Chi Chi towards the kitchen and relaxed in the parlour of the studio apartment, which also served as his bedroom.

“Nwannem, now you are talking. Well…you are already reading physics and I am gonna read chemistry…we fit solve am together…he he ehe he!”  Chi Chi exclaimed with such a smile on her face that she dropped her hands and forgot the smell for a minute, “Aha, eww, I tasted it, putwa.”

“Ha ha ha, okay come and eat food to change the taste…ha ha.” Emeka laughed as he got back up and went to the kitchen to find the food for his cousin.


“Hello, my name is Chiamaka Anuli Patricia Okegbe, please call me Chi Chi. Do you know where the Chemistry department is?” Chi Chi greeted the first friendly face she saw at the University of Lagos who looked like they knew where they were going.

“Eh…your full name… Lol…oh you are a first year. Yeah I know where it is. Follow me! its on my way, but its a bit of a walk. My name is Bisi, Bisiola Adeola” responded, a tall caramel-skinned beauty with authentic designer reading glasses but conservative non-branded clothing. “Okay, I like you…you can be my school daughter… sho ti gbo.”

“Ejo, my Yoruba is non-existent but I will appreciate having a school mummy…then I can learn it from you.” Chi Chi answered

“Okay, hold on the Yoruba, but you sabi pigin, even though my broken is broken…lol. So how long have you been in Lagos, cause first advice, most people don’t introduce themselves with their full name…ha ha that was funny. Don’t worry I will show you how to be a proper Lagosian. You need to know Ekaro, Ekasun and Ekurole as conversation starters…but quickly switch back to english with a ‘how was ur night?’…” Bisi rattled on as she lead Chi Chi towards the Chemistry Department, managing to attract and ignore all the stares from guys while greeting the friends she recognized. 

Chi Chi was left in a daze thinking at least my luck is more good than bad…Chineke, she sure can talk.

Hi, everyone started a series for children and teens… let me know what you think?

Moody Catholic Economist

God Bless

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