Paul and Patty Against the Poo (02)

In honour of international youth day, rushed out chapter 2…

follow… Paul and Patty on their adventures… (original story was set outside Nigeria so tweeking a lot… any new title suggestions?)

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Chapter 2

“Chi Chi, kekwan? How was your day? Biko, forgive me for not taking you to school in the morning and showing you around. I no get chance. There was no way out of going in early to work…you know say man must hustle. So where you dey, I am now on campus.” Emeka said after Chi Chi answered his phone call.

“O din ma, no wahala. I dey chill with my new school mummy. Come towards the Science Block . Okay see you soon.” Chi Chi responded before quickly hanging up, shutting off the laughter in the background.

“Which one be school mummy, now. Chai, someone don sell dis girl one chance.” Emeka said to himself as he hurried to the Science Block .


“So I don’t understand how you guys survive the smell in Lagos. I was telling my cousin, we need to do something about it.”

“Lol, take-charge Chi Chi. You should come to the Island with me…you will see a whole new Lagos.” Bisi responded.

“Can I come as well?” Shola, one of Chi Chi’s classmates who followed her to the eatery nearby, interjected. Bisi paused before responding, “Yeah. Sure. Why not.”

“Oh look, Emeka is here!” Chi Chi exclaimed to cover the awkward moment. Bisi turned her head at the effrontery of intrusion of the other sex only to be stumped admiring the handsome, confident young man who initially only had eyes for his cousin. 

“Hello Chi Chi. Afternoon Ladies.” Emeka greeted as he straightened his stance, once he had scanned Chi Chi. At least it’s not an irresponsible guy but just harmless girls, I hope, Emeka thought, as he next scanned the crowd of girls.

“Hello Emeka, my name is Shola. Me and Chi Chi will be the best of friends.” Shola rushed forward both vocally and physically to be the first to greet him.

“Chi Chi and you…” Bisi said, before returning the greeting without moving anything but her hands, “Afternoon Emeka, nice to meet you. We have been enjoying your cousins company. These are my girlfriends Titi, Funke, Isioma, Funmi and Rafeet. I was just introducing my new school daughter to them. So are you a student here, you seem to know your way around well?”

“Nice to meet all of you. Yes I am a student, although this is my last year here. I am in the Physics department. How about all of you?” Emeka said as he moved calmly to sit alongside Chi Chi making sure he shook Shola’s hands first to put Shola at ease but more importantly to gauge Bisi’s reaction.

Ironically, Bisi saw this and smiled; she knew she could be short with people she felt were interrupting or a nuisance. “How is that possible. I thought I knew all the seniors in the physics department as I am engineering. Anyway we can talk about school later. What is this I hear about you, two cousins, cleaning up the place?” Bisi asked.

For once, Emeka was not so smooth and collected as he smiled embarrassedly while attempting to glare at Chi Chi. As usual Chi Chi was completely unapologetic with a 100 Watts smile and a chip on her shoulder.

“Ehmm, yes, that. Well I may be a physics student but I have been building machines since my lego days with levers and pulleys. And this little firecracker here will mix, taste or touch any substance if you let her to figure out what it is and what it does.” Emeka responded after a brief pause. He did a double-take of Bisi after hearing the engineering as his interest was peaked. 

“He he he he.” all the girls giggled, then Titi said to Funmi with a wink, but loud enough for everyone to hear, “Well hope she has grown out of that habit now she is in university.” Funke reached over to hit Titi on the shoulder, while Isioma and Rafeet curled over, together, from laughing at Titi’s dirty humor. Funmi maintained her straight face as long as she could while Bisi only smiled.

Meanwhile, the cousins didn’t know how to react. Emeka knew as a guy among girls he couldn’t say or do anything while Chi Chi was not use to women who spoke so freely about such things. Unobserved by everyone, Shola had eyes only for Emeka with the rest of the conversation going in one ear and out the other.

“Well as a school mummy, I would like to do what I can to help…Chi Chi, you have my number and I have yours. Emeka, it was really nice meeting you and here is hoping you come out more often from whichever machine you have been hiding under. Besties, catch you later, I have got a class.” Bisi caught into the laughter as she got up and carried one of those humongous designer bags that fashionable women are never seen without when working. Without looking back she cat-walked a little more elegantly as she hurried to her class.

Chi Chi continued her conversation with Isioma, Rafeet and Funke while Titi and Funmi left to go meet up with their boyfriends. But Emeka did not notice any of this. He could only watch the retreating Bisi and when he could not see her anymore, he could only imagine.

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