Paul and Patty Against the Poo (03)

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Chapter 3

“You no sabi anything. See as I dey worry you don enter one chance. Nwanem beta be more cautious. You get luck that Bisi nah nice person.” Emeka teased Chi Chi

“Oloshe, Onyara. Which village girl fit enter one chance…your head is not correct. I get street sense pass you sef. No be aje butter you be, city boy.” Chi Chi laughed as she fired right back.

“Okay enough jokes, Ke maka Aunty Uju? Have you told her how your first day was?” Emeka asked.

“Chai, you to dey worry. Nen si ba dirun. Everyone is fine. Yes I spoke to her right after my last class. Gini ke cho, ginmanu or rice?” Chi Chi responded.

“Ginmanu, dalu.” Emeka answered.

“So I have been thinking about our pet project…we can only recycle plastic but you could set up a mobile filteration and treatment system to substitute tap water for bottled and pure water. I can help. Then we can compost biowaste and promote green atmosphere for the scent, food source, oxygen and aesthetics. We could also …” Chi Chi explained excitedly for an hour as she busied herself with dinner in the kitchen.

“You have really given this a lot of thought. Ni si ba dirun. I am capable and will make myself available but how will we fund the experiments and manufactoring?” Emeka enquired while reclining on the sofa with the Go Tv on the sports channel.

“Oh yeah…about that…I kind of spoke to Bisi and she said she is willing to come in as a business partner/investor…she also has space we can work on the island.” Chi Chi responded bashfully. 

Emeka sat up straight and responded a bit abruptly, “You what…wait she what?”

Chi Chi hurried back into the parlour while saying, “It’s not that big a deal, we were always going to need other people and you said she was a good person.”   

“I mean she can be a bit mean but she is not a bad person…you saw how she treated your friend Shola…but this is a nice thing she is doing for you…well it’s done already; we should just say Chukwubuikem. I should tell her thank you as well.” Emeka responded. 

“Alright, then let me finish with the yam so we can eat.” Chi Chi bimmed as she rushed back into the kitchen.

“By the way, my mum will be back this weekend so you will have to share the bed…Ndo.” Emeka added.

“O din ma. I love to see Aunty Gladie. Can’t wait to tell her how we will change Lagos.” Chi Chi responded at she came back into the parlour with their food. Emeka and Chi Chi enjoyed each others company as they ate together while discussing their plans.

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