Paul and Patty Against the Poo (05)

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Chapter 5

“Good afternoon, Professor Abiola!”    

“Good afternoon, class. I hope all of you have bought the handouts from the T.A. It is very important to pass my course!” Professor Abiola bellowed. “Last week we discussed…” As the lecture started, Shola whispered to Chi Chi, “Ejo, Chi Chi, don’t be annoyed. I talked to Professor Abiola about your project and he is interested.”

Chi Chi was sidetracked and stared at Shola, before responding, “You shouldn’t have done that, I would not have picked Professor Abiola and I already have an outside adviser for the project. But don’t worry, we will just have to manage the situation. But, biko, next time discuss this things with me.” 

“Sorry…it is, Ndo, right. I just wanted to help.” Shola apologized

“No p. I just don’t like Professor Abiola; there is something ruthless in his eyes. Speaking of which we will talk after the lecture” Chi Chi whispered.

After class, Chi Chi approaches Professor Abiola to tactfully refuse his help. 

“Good afternoon, Professor Abiola. Thank you so much for the lecture. I just…”

“Ehh hn, your Chi Chi right. Your friend told me you want me to advise on your project. Do you know how busy I am? Do you think a lecturer’s time is free? How much do you think my time is worth?” Professor Abiola spat out rapidly.

“Ah, I am very sorry for wasting your time Professor. I do not have any money to pay an advisor so one of my relatives will be assisting me. I am sorry for the inconvenience, however, will it be possible to ask your advice occasionally as you are more knowledgeable?” Chi Chi tried to compliment him to deflect her rejection.

Professor Abiola was shocked, then outraged but tried to mask his feelings. “Hmmm, I see… I am glad you understand. Shola and you too, Chi Chi, are my students so I will answer questions within reason. You say its a relative…hmmm…and there is no money involved. Okay, okay, you can go now. I have places to be.”

“Thank you, Professor.” the girls chorus and the Chi Chi rushes out of the hall, hoping that this action does not come back to bite her.


“I am telling you to be careful of that Shola girl, but more especially Professor Abiola. Do you want me to help you?” Bisi asked exasperatedly. 

“Nah, I was just telling you about my day. Ejo, e ma bi nu. Shola is not a bad person.” Chi Chi begged.  

“Lol…you are learning. Okay, I will not comment on your friends again just know the road to hell is paved with good intentions. O din ma…see I am learning as well. Let’s go to the site for your project, Funke will meet us there. Oh, by the way, I haven’t seen your cousin around campus, is he going to be able to join us?” Bisi asked casually.

Chi Chi hide a smile and responded, “Sorry, he works most of the time, so he does not even make all his lectures.”

“Oh…wow…okay…why…hmm. Let’s go.” Bisi said, suppressing her curiosity, as she hurried to her car. Chi Chi maintained a straight face and kept the silence as they drove out of Unilag as Bisi was lost in thought. Chi Chi had thoughts of her own, which she knew she would be sharing with Aunty Gladie before bed.


“Kekwan Chi Chi, sorry, I am just getting of work. Where are you? I can come and help you out with our clean up project…by the way we need to give it a proper name.” Emeka said to Chi Chi on the phone.

“O din ma. Hello Emeka. I am with Bisi. We are at the base for our project, which you’re right needs a name, we can pick together. You need to see the base…it’s jaw-dropping. I will text you the address. Hurry!” Chi Chi responded.

“O din ma, I will be there soon. See you…girls…soon, yeah.” Emeka said, then quickly hung up.

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