Sacrifice in even the little things…

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So as has become norm during this lockdown period, my family has enacted some habits and routines…

We share mass together in the morning

We have a weekly zoom call with my sister who is alone in the US

We all come together to cook lamb Burritos… and I am the master of the Guacamole

One of these new traditions is ribs night, where we devour mummy’s prime pork ribs. So last night was ribs night and apparently it was the best one yet… at least according to all the women in the house and as a confirmed bachelor, I bow to their expertise. Ironically, some parts of this perfect ribs were burnt, GAUH!!! (Lol, I know right. Nothing is ever perfect)

Anyway, with such a situation, we were faced with a dilemna. It was the best tasting ribs yet but with some part of it burnt, there was then less ribs than usual. Worse still, we had already divided everything without noticing that some of it was burnt, most of us had already finished our share when we realised someone had to sacrifice if we wanted everyone to taste the good parts.

And so the puck fell to me…

Since I was the only one who hadn’t finished his portion.

I have to be honest with you that was not the easiest thing to do… but after I had done it I felt a rush of joy inside. I was happy that everyone was going to get to enjoy the ribs even if it was not by equal shares.

And then it hit me that my happiness came from doing something for someone I love. I started thinking about love languages, and although gift giving is not high in my own love language, it is how I mostly express love. Which is why I am very thoughtful in giving birthday presents.

Although that is good and there is no one better of the 5 love languages, it dawned on me that my relationships that didn’t work was because I was giving gifts to people who wanted to spend quality time with me.

So how should I go about it, am I to change or look for someone that whats gifts over everything else?

I think what is more important is to pay attention to bids… people who care about you and you care about are always reaching out to you in their own way, be observant.

God bless

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