Remember why you started…


There are many reasons why people blog… some financial, most personal and then some just want to see the world burn…

I use my blog as a journal and an outlet – hopeful it doesn’t just sound like whining…

I use my blog as a journal and an outlet – hopeful it doesn’t just sound like whining – and it has help me get through a lot of touch situations and given me perspective on a lot of my grievances and the unconscious resentment I have been carrying.

What I have learnt so far is that no one else is responsible for my current situation because once you are an adult, you give people the access and control over your life, so you bare responsibility.

There is nothing wrong with being frustrated with some of your actions but deny yourself the mental escape of regret and wishful thinking… rather it is better to focus on the current situation and what you will do to improve it. And celebrate your accomplishments even in the little things, because everything you have succeed in pushed you one step further ahead than you were before.

And celebrate your accomplishments…

I have looked at a lot of my previous posts and topics and they are geared towards uplifting me or refocusing my efforts through discipline, perservance, accountability and the good habits of documenting plans, detailing next steps and monitoring actions.

I get all this messages telling me how to expand my reach or monetise my blog and I can’t deny I am interested by them… who doesn’t want more people listening to them and on top of that getting paid.

However, I realise I need to do this on my own terms and at my own pace. I will refer to some of the tips and everything should fall in place, once I stick to a consistent routine but more importantly I believe if I remain true to sharing my unadulterated perspective, those looking to hear from a different soul and share this amazing experience, we call life; once we connect… well gravity will do the rest

God bless

3 comments on “Remember why you started…”

  1. Great on you for not thinking money when it comes to blogging, because I find that it does muddle the presentation a little when every link is an affiliate and every conclusion involves asking them to sign up for a newsletter. Wishing you the best with your blogging journey!


    1. Thank you very much for the encouragement. You see its the people you meet and the conversation you have when you put yourself out there, that makes blogging and storytelling so attractive to me… take care Stuart.


  2. I too use my Blog as a sort of journal and outlet but most importantly as a safe space for someone to access my story and journey with bipolar disorder who may need to hear something I say, and relates to it. Keep on Blogging for YOU. I get that!

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