The 2020 Apocalypse

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It was only today that I realised that every year we lose some species for good. By this I mean, that some species of animal or plant goes extinct.

In 2020, 31 species of animals oar plants were confirmed to be extinct.

Please pause and reflect on this… imagine how the last of their kind would have felt.

There literally is no longer any living member of your species:

  • Nothing that looks like you
  • Nothing that walks like you
  • Nothing that talks like you
  • Nothing you can recognise as same

Can you imagine the loneliness, the confusion, the fear, the anxiety?

I am a firm believer in all organisms having a spirit or a soul that cries out for companionship.

Whether animal or plant, they speak to their own; so imagine all the unheard voices and unanswered calls… until they are no sounds at all.

This basically means for 31 species, 2020 was an apocalypses… with no survivors.

And we humans thought 2020 was rough!

Life is so fragile and uncertain… tomorrow really is not promised, in fact it does not actual exist in our linear appreciation of time.

I wonder how it will be when the last voices of humanity cry out in the vast abyss; when the echoes of our existent will be the only response; and there will be none to mark the passing of the last of our kind… we can only hope that it will not be due to our own ignorant actions.

God bless

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