Angry words are little swords…

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So I noticed the posts by Tracy Zille about Africa and Africans, that is trending in Nigeria.

And while she was making points that should be concerning to any African. All I could notice was her anger and smugness.

And this question which I am sure has been asked a lot of times struck me:

Why is everyone on the internet so angry?

Can you imagine a loving father or a hardworking single mother returning to his/her family after work, having a meal with his/her kids and then retiring to her/his study, only to turn on her/his computer looking for any comment or post on twitter to jump on the back of with hate and rudeness?

So I googled it (to better understand):

…and found this article from Scientific America, Why is everyone on the internet so angry?

While the article explain the confluence of factors that drive this behaviour such as anonymity, writing format, distance and time difference between comments amongst others, ultimately this “arm-chair activism” and trolling which gives some immediate endorphins or relief may actual have some negative lasting effects on our mental health as it is neither a form of communication nor conflict resolution.

And all these angry words are like little swords that cut at others and leave us ourselves mired in hate. This is why you read about drastic actions taking in response to cyber bullying and internet trolling.

Therefore, I decided to repost one of my older blogs that I had even deleted while doing a new year cleanse on my site.

Granted the post, “Challenge Accepted” which proposed a limited words challenge has some conceptual flaws and is not practical in its correct format, but, it is indeed, a much needed practice…

I would imagine people will speak a little differently if their words, both verbal and written, were limited.

There will still be differences of opinions, arguments and discussions but why waste words on an unnecessary insult that does not help in passing your message across.

My sister is always saying “be intentional” which I extend to your words especially as nothing can make or destroy a man faster than the words that come out of his mouth.

So to Tracey Zille and all of us there is no crime in speaking truths, even hard truths, there is nothing wrong in airing our views or even having arguments but there is no need to be impolite.

God bless.

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