What’s in your wallet?

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I started this post initially with the intent to remind us about things we need to know to be financially stable and secure- or at least where to start.

However, once I wrote the title I was immediately intrigued with the literal meaning of the phrase I “borrowed” from Richard Quest.

What “exactly” is in your wallet “or purse”?

richard quest

I will hypothesis that this would tell a lot about who you are as a person because you carry your wallet/purse with you everyday and everywhere you go (COVID has sort of changed things but I assume when you make a grocery run with mask on you still grab it and go); in it, are things you assume you must always have at your disposable.

Some of them are due to laws, others because of the design of the wallet itself, such as your valid means of identification or a slot to put pictures, however even at that we get to decide whether it is a picture of our late parents, our loving spouse, our many children or just the one we love most, or our pet puddle.

Embarrassingly, I recall when I was in my 20s, I always use to check to confirm I had a condom on me; like even in the early morning, when going to work or on Sundays, when going to church for Mass. It wasn’t that I had planned for or was expecting anything to happen and nothing ever happened; it was just the influence of what I thought I want to be at that time- a bad guy “marking” on all the girls.

Also, I compared my teenage years when I used to carry a fat wallet so I could stuff it full of cash and now I don’t even carry a wallet just a card holder.

Therefore, I have three wallets seating on a shelf in my room, gathering dusts, containing name tags from mission trips from 2007, movie ticket stubs from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (should keep that it could be worth something later) and an one expired Durex, obviously for her pleasure…

Whatever is in you wallet/purse I hope you don’t just carry it around but remember why its important to always have it with you. Ignoring my unrealistic fantasies about my sex appeal, my concern was preparedness, safety and responsibility regardless of if my actions were correct or not.

So if you are carrying, pictures of your loved ones, take time out to spend and appreciate them, if you are carrying gym membership cards and health insurance ID, resist the temptation for that doughnut, and if you are carrying loose change, whatever the reason, consider paying it forward, get a meal for someone, help someone with their transport fare…

God bless

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