The Lavish Life ?

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Sorry missed yesterday’s post, hit was a long meeting filled Friday, actually even missed one of my meetings because of all that was going on but that is a story (or post) for another day, please find below yesterday’s post, enjoy

So there is old money and new money, there are designer brands and luxury cars, there are mansions and palaces… in fact, if you have money, by this I mean if you are rich or wealthy (yes this are different things), you will definitely be living a different life- The Lavish Life.

Now I can only write as an outsider looking in, so I will love some comments from people who have first hand perspective but I saw a video on my cousins timeline and my soapbox was just beckoning.

The video showed a Champagne pedicure… (refer to featured image above).

And as my cousin is a medical doctor, I asked her ignorantly, “Oh, does Champagne have exfoliating effects?”

Sadly, no… NO!!!

Which means they were pouring a bottle champagne that cost from $50 to over $500, sorry can’t tell which from the bottle… obviously not my cup of tea.

But even if lets go with $50, current Naira/Dollar exchange rate is NGN475/USD so that is NGN23,750.00…

Average income in Nigeria is between NGN75,000 and NGN100,000, so this is between one fourth to one third of their income…

And you are pouring it away on your feet for no reason i.e. I mean it serves no purpose…


Is this Lavish? Sorry, no, this is not lavish… this is just wasteful.

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”

Dr. Myles Munroe

Whatever your reasons for buying Champagne: celebrations, brunch, the popping sound, the spark glasses; we can all agree that pouring it on your feet just does not add up.

Even if you went to a luxury spa, I would assume one would rather a treatment that had benefits, rare and exclusive herbs or concoctions that my wealth gives me access, but to pour champagne on my feet, you can tell it was just for the video recording… really wealth people want to live longer or great a legacy because all that flash and glitter is fake and doesn’t last.

In addition, it is this wasteful culture that has caused a lot of woes in our world from bankruptcies to pollution.

When you understand value, waste becomes obsolete

@moodycatholiceconomist | The Bipolar Genius

God bless

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