Reflection 2020: Lessons Learned

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So here is the first post I drafted for Friday, wasn’t sure if I was going to share it, but woke up this Sunday, inspired, enjoy…

End of the first work week and we are already feeling like first quarter is over. So much done, so much to do, but all promising, so eager to get into it…

However, already failed on my new year resolutions, well, don’t really call it new year resolutions because my year starts on my birthday, every 29th of July, but I have reneged on some of my reflections from 2020. Let me share with you how I reflect on each year and lay 2020 bare:

Reflections for 2020:

  • 5 things you’re grateful for
  • 5 things that you did well during the year or top 5 accomplishments
  • 5 things you would change
  • 5 things you enjoyed the most
  • 5 lessons you learned
  • 5 things you need to do more of
  • 5 things you will stop doing in 2021

Grateful for my family
Grateful for my job and the work I do
Grateful for the new girl I like
Grateful for my better understanding of my health and how to manage it
Grateful for my friends

Got into grad school
Disbursed to our first set of incubatees
Started writing my novels again
Continued managing my health and medical expenses
Trained for and ran in the 2020 Lagos Marathon, and got my weight below 100kg

Would have used the COVID lockdown to perfect a new skill
Would have actively searched for a side income
Would have been more active in the EndSars Protest
Would have planned out a routine to function more effectively during lockdown earlier
Would have been more active on social media to communicate with friends and family

Having the whole family around for Christmas period
Being able to work remotely
Having time to read books as inspiration for my writing
Zoom calls with my sister
Playing games together with my family

Cherish the people you love and let them know cause time is not guaranteed

No matter how spontaneous you are, you need to plan a schedule to achieve your goals

Nothing that matters is achieved without time and effort

Be open about your problems and difficulty as you need to ask for help to receive it

All is transient, so fear, embarrassment, nerves, they have no meaning, seize the moment.

@moodycatholiceconomist | The Bipolar Genius

Write down the plan for the day
Write out and stick to my budget and saving/investment goals
Workout three days a week
Write everyday irrespective of how good it is
Check back on my goals set on birthday at the beginning of each month

Stop dashing out money at all, for 2021 at least
Control how much time I spend reading fiction
Only serious relationships
Stop complaining at all
Stop doubting God or myself, and no more giving up

So now we have to work towards maintaining the habits from the lessons learned in 2020 as well as take steps towards the goals we set in July, last year.

How are you doing with the lessons learned in 2020?

God bless.

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