The uncertainty of sleep

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Recently I have been oversleeping during my cat naps or power naps. It’s an intention of mine… I really want to sleep for just 30 mins to an hour but every time I take a cat nap my body seems to protest the waking up part.

Now I am a firm believer in listening to the needs of the body: balanced diet, exercise and good sleep.

But taking a nap at 4pm to continue work at 5pm, and then realising it is 10pm, kind of throws a wrench in the days plans. Especially if you need to meet up with other colleagues for work or hang out with friends after work.

With my condition, I still need to prioritise sleep but it is important to ask myself this questions going forward so we don’t end up in the same situation again:

  • Is it possible to wait and finish the days work before sleeping, that way, it won’t matter if the sleep transforms from a nap to your nightly comatose state.
  • Is it possible to set an alarm so that external forces come and rescue you from your own self induced oblivion
  • Is it possible to rest without sleeping

As attractive as sleep is… it would be more optimal to reserve it for the night when all other tasks have been accomplished.

Or at least complete the day’s tasks so I don’t have any pressing deadlines…

But whatever the case, whether you are like me, oversleep during your cat nap, or you are able to wait until bed time to get that much needed rest, please remember that sleep is the most important thing human beings do in a day…

You should spend 1/3 of your life on it.

That is humans need 8 hrs of good quality sleep for optimal functioning.

Now some people struggle with being able to fall asleep… the truth is that you can only create a situation where it is easy to sleep without direct medication that knocks you out.

Some tricks I have learnt from my insomnia days are:

  1. Having a bath with magnesium salt
  2. Disconnecting from electronics and all stimulus 2 hours before bed
  3. Reading paper books on serious topics
  4. Taking melatonin supplements
  5. Setting up your bedroom only for sleep, nothing else
  6. Soothing music works for some
  7. Eating your last meal of the day at least three hours before bed
  8. Stretching and meditation can help soothe the body and clear the mind

So sleep sufficiently, sleep deeply and sleep safely.

God bless and good night

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