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Hello readers, this is post number 200, well might have reached 200 earlier but removed some posts (may do it again so will drop below 200…. hehehehe). It has taken longer than planned because initially I want to blog everyday, quickly realised that is not for me; so then it was to be when I was inspired, but without a disciplined schedule and consistency in posting we had some very long break periods. Now we have a schedule and we spend the off days looking for inspiration… I think I maintain this schedule but with a twist: I promise to share my world and voice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but reserve the prerogative to decide if I will write on Sundays, leave that to divine intervention. Enjoy today’s post:

I woke up today inspired to do something new.

Something I have never done before.

Back tracking for a second, it came as no surprise to me that today was different, special even, as yesterday was a whirlwind of activities, which proceeded splendidly in God’s hands.

At work we had just completed the third business pitch challenge successfully and emerged with our top five finalists that together will receive, in total, around Seventy Million Naira as seed funding.

Shortly after, I got ready to pay my respects to my deceased cousin as she and her children were laid to eternal rest… the funeral went off with the elegance, piety, purity and love that was so evident in who she was as a person:

“Her life was and still is an inspiration to me, as she was a light in the darkness, radiating on the high cliff, bringing warmth, clarity of vision, and abundant comfort and joy, to all who were fortunate enough to gaze upon her, this flash of God’s brilliance”

My dear cousin, you have run your race; now rest in peace, in God’s embrace…

So after, God showing himself, in his graces and miracles and wonders and favours, yesterday, on waking up today (thank you God again), I decided to thank him in the early morning in a different way. I don’t know about you but no other method, than the gift of song, can get me in the mood (for anything… its just a matter of the right playlist). Therefore, I resorted to Elevation Worship and Hillsong Worship… and the Spirit was moving!

I forgot myself, what time it was and got lost in the worship… I have not been able to speak in tongues, yet, because of my own doubts, but I can Whistle for Africa… so when my words and the lyrics were not enough I started whistling, really going for those high octaves, only for my father (earthly) to come check what was wrong.

His facial reaction was clearly anxious that I was ascending to one of my moods. I was tempted to laugh out loud at his expression and the awkwardness or for want of a better word, earthliness/humanness of the moment. However, I noticed he was saying his Rosary so I just see it as Spirit calling out to Spirit…

Ironically, this was the final song I had planned to listen to this morning (and the television stopped working immediately after the song as if the wifi was tripping… when you know God, you stop believing in coincidences and start looking for the message and the instruction) and I have been thinking about my Rosary for a while. So after this sharing/testimony, I will be praying the Rosary, per instruction.

God is love… He knows us, even in our inner most places and loves us unconditionally, and by that love we are saved, as Jesus took upon himself all our suffering, and in Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit, we are called to do the same for each other, to LOVE… all you need to start, is faith in Him, even faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains; so let Him work with our little faith, as he has a plan for each and every one of us.


I know this post may not be like my usual stories or musings, I accept that some people would be put off by it, but this is my 200th post in an activity I have always dreamed of doing and struggled to be consistent, so why not give to you my readers the greatest thing I have or know, why not praise and thank Him who has made it possible while at it…

God bless

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