Some call it laziness… they just don’t know better

It is not a matter of finding time, it is a matter of prioritising time…

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Hello readers,

Another draft not completed on time, so Mondays post this week will be released today… enjoy.

So the longest month in the year is in it’s final week; everyone has probably resumed work or school, at least in Nigeria, by now. I wish you all success, and less stress.

From my end, this week has so many deliverables and new sessions starting such that I need another 24hours for each day… Lol. Therefore, life hacks for productivity is the topic for today, and is very appropriate it being Monday?

It seems quite counterintuitive but the single most productive thing you can do today, happened yesterday.

Okay, now, I understand some people may be rolling their eyes at me either because there is no way to go back in time and change yesterday or they are not in the mood for another post on procrastination and seizing the moment.

However, as important as it may be, that is not my view.

I strongly believe that the most productive thing you can do, is to get enough sleep… but not just sleep deeply and for a long enough time (around 8 hours) but, and this is the key part of it, early enough in the day to ensure that you wake up refreshed and early the next day.

My role at work has me working across three units with one function being primary as a fund manager, evaluating socially impactful startups for seed funding, while the other two functions has the latter managing the community of experts that develop our entrepreneurs and the former involves project management for the actual sessions, seminars, workshops, masterclasses etc the entrepreneurs attend to learn fundamental entrepreneurial and business knowledge.

This wordy paragraph which looks like a bio profile from a resume, just serves to highlight the varied roles I play on a daily basis, in the office alone. And I am sure you are facing as busy or even more demanding tasks that are stretching your capacity to its limit.

So you are probably wondering how you and I can even find time to sleep?

It is not a matter of finding time, it is a matter of prioritising time; just as you should first send money to your investment account and savings accounts, before your expense account, you should also set the time for your sleep, before you set time for anything else.

There should be no compromise and the surprising thing is that when you do it, you actually see a rise in your productivity… because your mind is sharper and you work faster and smarter not just harder.

With my condition, I have seen the multiple nights of insomnia when in a high and the dilapidating excesses of too much sleep at a low point. So the first thing I learnt was that lack of proper sleep is my clearest trigger and warning… so now “I no dey sleep” on the matter!

God bless

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