When one month closes…

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Hello readers,

Welcome to a new month! With so much happening in our world from GameStop’s meteoric rise to the new Man and Woman in the White House and don’t forget the race between strain and Vaccine in this COVID19 pandemic, I think it is best for this post to be a gratitude post of sort…

A reflection of what was accomplished in the longest January to date for me… one of my friends put it ever so sweetly and succinctly, “What a year this last month had been…”

It seems appropriate entering the month of lovers to start with the nature of my relationships. My family both nuclear and extended have started organising monthly virtual hangouts since December last year, so we get to share the love we have for each other, more deeply, which has been great. My romantic life has also been blossoming with the new girl… I am definitely excited about the possibilities there.

In addition, my work is also picking up as we commence a new year and the responsibilities are increasing. New sets of enterprises to support, new targets to reach and also new avenues of personal and professional growth to pursue. I wont lie, it has been challenging but also rewarding, and I look forward to the exciting new chapters 2021 has in store.

Moreover, my health, which is my most important concern, has been seeing such a reassuring balance: I have been eating properly with only a few cheat days, get my standard weekly exercise, but the one I am most pleased with, is my sleep. As sleeping habits are my most severe warning sign, having such deep and rejuvenating sleep makes my days not only more productive but leaves me much more reassured about the management of my condition as well.

Therefore, I hope your January was equally as fulfilling as mine, and may your February remain full of potential waiting to be realised. However, the year began, remember that you begin each day, new every morning, so just keep at it.

God bless.

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