Missed days and light rays…

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Hello readers,

Yesterday was a hard day for me.

I woke up and the day felt wrong.

So I went back to sleep hoping to wake up on the right side of the bed

I tossed and turned, I mumbled and rumbled.

But sleep was not the release it promised.

I listen to music and watched a movie or two but even though I was lost in the moment in every new song or plot twist… the knot inside me was still wound tight…

Food was not even interesting to me, not even my favorite Egusi soup…

And so my distant friend, anxiety, was trying to pay a visit..

But then I thought of you…

I didn’t think it would work and didn’t want to give you my funk… but I had tried everything else and even if there was fear that not even you could shake it, there was hope that you could break it…

And so I called… and you came through… with laughter and cheer and all of you…

Therefore, I wake up today and it is gay, with Sun rays twinkling in a way… filled with possibilities and no anxiety so that all of me…. is grateful and at a loss, and in a rush with new found trust… that you will chase the monsters away.

I love you, baby… I said it here first.

God bless.

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