The Story of our Strength

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Hello Readers,

It has been ages since my last blog post as I have been dealing with a lot of health and life challenges and changes. I have not been consistent but can only try again. But such is life; we can only pick ourselves up when we stumble, dust ourselves off and move on.

In addition, even though things hasn’t been optimal across all aspects of my life, I am glad that I have been able to manage my health without having to be hospitalised. It seems I am becoming more cognizant of my triggers, warning signs and coping mechanisms.

As I approach my birthday day, which is the end of my year, I have begun reflecting on the goals, across all areas (personal, social, health, financial and career), set for this my 32nd year of life. Amidst the new realities of the pandemic and my long term career plans, although I have not been able to make all my goals, my performance has surprised me. This is due to the lessons I have learned from earlier mistakes. In particular, never give up.

This may seem a tad cliche or obvious but when you really want something, you must always persevere. There is no room for quitting.

Ever since I was 25 year old, my elder sister advised me to plan my live in 5 year buckets and write down my goals. Basically, ask myself that interview question:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

~ Every interviewer ever

So I have always had a detailed answer to this question since 2014, and I am going to share both the template and my response (it is an image and a link):

These are beyond goals, they are also my prayer points, and on the 29 (28 in February) of each month, I review them, reflect again and assess and/or adjust as needed. Now, the important part is not to write down your goals or even just assessing how you did, rather it is to plan how you will go about starting or stopping habits to reach your goals.

The assessment sheet is where I assess and give suggestions to myself on how I can improve:

Just like a body builder starts small and increases the weighs, literally destroying and rebuilding the muscles, all the reds which outweigh the greens are how we learn and get better.

The story of our strength, is in our failures, our scars.

Ezugo \ The Bipolar Genius

That is why the say “fail.., fail fast…, just start…, learn on the go…, learn from your mistakes…”

The greatest lie about success is that they call it the opposite of failure, when failure is actual the secret sauce, the trick is not to just leave it but learn from it.

God bless.

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