…Start as you intend to Finish.

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Hello Readers,

I just stumbled upon this blog post I wrote in December which feels like a lifetime ago… and decided to share.

I woke today feeling great!!!

These are the days I hope to remember next time my “mood” swings. And it wasn’t like anything remarkable happened or anything… just celebrating the small wins.

I credit it to a good night’s sleep but also a new lease on life. A change in perspective or more like a remembered state of mind…

I mean my sister was like I am setting the bar so low but tiny victories matter and help build up to those life changing accomplishments, the ones you look back on in five years and beat your chest saying, “I did that!”

so what exactly happened…

I woke up and after thanking God, I went to meet up with Joe, who is such a darling to come all the way from the mainland to the island to exercise with me, even though everything tries to get us to stop… from COVID upsurge to family complaints to my laziness.

But I got out of bed… and hit the road and did the work out (feeling it now though, especially the abs roundup)

Then, after that was mass… yeah I get how a lot of people have problems with Catholics or don’t understand it but there is a lot to it if you read the beliefs and philosophy behind so much of the dogma… somethings are antiquated yes but there is power in tradition… anyway 30 mins mass everyday in the morning, is just a grace-filled way to start everyday- just need to add another 30 mins for my rosary.

Next was the necessities bath, breakfast, brushing and taking my meds…

By the way, breakfast has become such a joy with the whole family in the house for Christmas to me that is the magic of the season, Christ comes and fills our families with so much expectation, potential, promise, joy, peace, happiness and prosperity.

However, even though we are working from home the important word there is “working”. So we have to get to the business of the day, what pays the bills- getting on meeting, responding to emails and confirming and analysing some numbers… life in the finance world.

But when you start a day with a smile on your face, and Heavenly joy in your heart… the day just blossoms.

God bless.

Thank you for reading… my message besides the sharing above is that write things down and review and reflect as a habit… you never know what coping mechanism or wisdom you have already learnt and need to relearn.

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