What is God🎵…

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What is God🎵…

[sorry] What is Love🎵…

What is Love🎵…

Baby don’t hurt me🎵…

Baby don’t hurt me🎵…

Hahahhahahhahha…. Good morning readers, been months since we checked in or better yet tuned in to the The Bipolar Genius show.

Basically since September when the first semester of my MBA program kicked off… go Rotman, yeah UofT wop wop.

I have like a dozen draft posts keyed up but never finished any of them in between case studies and competitions as intended… lol.

But now it is end of the first Semester, thank you God for your graces… so I will be back to writing and hopefully I will figure out how to continue writing when the next semester starts.

Okay, back to the post.

I have had and still have my fair share of struggles… bipolar disorder, family drama, bereavements, disappointments, broke, despair etc. yes life is a struggle but I have never quit.

And this is because God is with me… Love is with me… His grace abounds.

The reassurance of His presence, the certainty of His love… this divine, unconditional, unfathomable, infinite and transcendent LOVE.

That is why I never quit, cause why should I… the authority of everything has humbled himself to say, I will walk with you.. I will go before you… I will dwell with in you… I will guard behind you

So I struggle with life, I face my battles, I dust my shoulder, I take a breath, I pick up the pieces

… and let Him fill me up, fire me on, lift me up and light my way.

My first semester of MBA was a challenge, by October I was already struggling with my health again but by December when writing my finals I was aware of His presence in my life again and I re-realised He is always there, it is I that turns away, that fails to show up.

That try to struggle alone…

Read that again… struggle alone!

It is when we struggle alone that we hurt, we feel something missing.

We are mortal, we need the divine, we need Love… the kind of love that does not run out, the kind of love that understands it all, the kind of love that is ever present, the kind of love that can move mountains.

What is Love🎵…

What is God🎵…

Baby don’t hurt me🎵…

Baby don’t hurt me🎵…

No More 🎵…

God bless.

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