Some call it laziness… they just don’t know better

It is not a matter of finding time, it is a matter of prioritising time…

…Two Zero Zero and counting

Hello readers, this is post number 200, well might have reached 200 earlier but removed some posts (may do it again so will drop below 200…. hehehehe). It has taken longer than planned because initially I want to blog everyday, quickly realised that is not for me; so then it was to be when I

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Me and the ‘me’ you see

How would other people describe you? How much importance should we place in their opinions? Why does it matter? Or does it not matter? I agree that the person’s opinion that should matter the most is your own. You need to be comfortable and love the skin you’re in. And on the road to self-esteem

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Reflection 2020: Lessons Learned

So here is the first post I drafted for Friday, wasn’t sure if I was going to share it, but woke up this Sunday, inspired, enjoy… End of the first work week and we are already feeling like first quarter is over. So much done, so much to do, but all promising, so eager to

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