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Paul and Patty Against the Poo (06)

Chapter 6 After an hour and a few minutes, Chi Chi was interrupted while she was talking to Bisi and Funke by the gateman.  “Excus me, ma. Dere is sombodi outsize seys make I call you. Im sey im name nah Emeka” “Thank you, Adamu. Please let him in.” Bisi responded a little too quickly.

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Paul and Patty Against the Poo (05)

Chapter 5 “Good afternoon, Professor Abiola!”     “Good afternoon, class. I hope all of you have bought the handouts from the T.A. It is very important to pass my course!” Professor Abiola bellowed. “Last week we discussed…” As the lecture started, Shola whispered to Chi Chi, “Ejo, Chi Chi, don’t be annoyed. I talked to Professor

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Paul and Patty Against the Poo (03)

Chapter 3 “You no sabi anything. See as I dey worry you don enter one chance. Nwanem beta be more cautious. You get luck that Bisi nah nice person.” Emeka teased Chi Chi “Oloshe, Onyara. Which village girl fit enter one chance…your head is not correct. I get street sense pass you sef. No be

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