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The Underachievers: Dorian (Chapter 9)

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Mage of Binding Chapter 38: Alone in the dark

With the darkness, elder Usman activated his heat vision and mowed his way through the traitors of the clan avoiding the panic fire of crossbow bolts. Screams and blood field the air. In addition, elder Usman had managed to kill two of the enemies Knights before an internal mage with the sound element confronted him.

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The Underachievers: Dorian (Chapter 8)

Alise did not care about all the people, or how good Dorian looked controlling the crowd around him. Rather she was drawing to his smile and then she realized she had never seen so genuinely naturally happy before. Then Dorian’s eyes caught her silhouette and the look in his eyes now excited but scared her.

Mage of Binding Chp 14: Break Through

Unfortunately, Nnenna discovered that she only had enough energy to maintain her awareness and that even for a short time. Shrinking back her consciousness of space to the standard 10-meters, Nnenna tried again to recreate the feeling of moving to any location in that radius. She could feel the energy within her connect with the

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Mage of Binding Chp 13: The training begins anew

“So here is what we are going to do from now on.” Musa said as he turned towards Jide. “You are going to continue training your ability as it can help us ward of danger. In addition, I will teach you how to fight, but we only have this bastard sword and I only know

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