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No one becomes a billionaire investing in the stock market

Okay I start of with a firm, declarative statement, which I haven’t actually checked if it true. There are always exceptions to every rule.

Persistence in Business

So I have been writing a lot of pieces about failure and not quitting (hope you have been enjoying them..) and receiving a lot of responses (even links to books I should read…thank you). Therefore, this morning I will be sharing my own failure in running a business… Remember my piece on my start up company,

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Innovate, not adapt, or die

I recently started working for an entrepreneurship development Non-profit because I wanted to be more holistic in my understanding of how to run a startup but also to widen my knowledge on different approaches to tackling development. I had been so fixated on the ‘K’ or capital component of the Cobb-Douglas equation as I had

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Getting to know me!

Now, I want to pursue an economics PhD to better understanding how to combine incentives and decision making in economies and financial markets with the policies and welfare of the society, to foster sustainable and environmentally-sound development.