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Economics is not the study of money… it is the study of choice

I was having a discussion (I say discussion and not argument because to me argument has to much of a negative connotation like you are not open to the other person’s view) on whether wants are infinite.

Conversations of a morbid revelation.

“Hey, Mark do you have any friends, people you hang out with?”

Mark responded, “well they are not traditional friends in the way you implied but I read a lot of books and the characters become real to me. I know how they will react and can have conversations with them.”

Brands: mine, yours and theirs

If you follow my blog (please do!) you will know I am a big believer in the power of choice. You should even choose the habits you want to create before leaving it on auto-pilot. The brands we wear and use actually reflect our choices as I have alluded to in another post but also indicates our power to influence and change the world.