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As easy as ABCs… yeah right!

As I had promised, I wanted to share some money discipline tips, which I have learnt the hard way, so that your finances are secure, even if you never become Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. On the road the financial freedom, there are a lot of pitfalls that seem to be paved with the best

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Where can you find monthly minimum wage of $90/mth and minimum needed cost of living of $200/mth

So where can you find this. My home country, Nigeria. The National Labour Congress (NLC) of Nigeria just called off a strike because the government agreed to pay them 30,000 naira as minimum wage. As an economist I know that any price floor leads to deadweight loss and the labour market in Nigeria can actually

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The 7 Principles of Economics that make common sense uncommon

Nevertheless, we must continue to aspire for a better understanding of these principles because they are extensions from the first theory; since resources are scarce but wants are unlimited you need to optimise, make choices and express your free will.