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Can man still hunt for Arbitrage?

The investment landscape is transforming with a lot of active managers failing to reach suitable alpha returns.

How will Africa develop

But here is where Myth of development comes in with a hammer…Umm corn, sugarcane and wheat can only go so far (first year, second year,…., 99th year) but America is now making electric cars, artificial intelligence, 3D printers and machine learning….where we going to find all that corn (or all that tea in China)

My North is Centred on ‘the Way’

Although I believe in free markets, my invisible hand has always been God, so a society built on selflessness and the greatest being the servant of all with decisions made not out of rationality but based on love, seems superior to me.

Getting to know me!

Now, I want to pursue an economics PhD to better understanding how to combine incentives and decision making in economies and financial markets with the policies and welfare of the society, to foster sustainable and environmentally-sound development.