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How to ‘slay’ a dragon?

In any good fantasy series, the hero doesn’t just wake up, walk outside his door and slay the dragon. In fact, the hero usually faces off against the dragon or the dragon’s underlings at the beginning and at best is very ill matched but more likely barely escapes. We all know about Frodo’s first face

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Mage of Binding Chapter 58: Fear and Disaster

Musa carried a bleeding and badly injured Turayo through the shadow path as he left the other surviving members of the resistance far behind, in their disorganized retreat. Musa, himself was not without wounds and was distraught at his present condition. He had felt that his abilities as an external mage of the darkness element

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Mage of Binding Chapter 55: Old Friends and New Foes

Dropping her bow, Ubong rushed to Seun’s side and painstakingly tried to stop the bleeding in his left hand while screaming for help. The caravan crew had rich experience with battle and injury so quickly attended to themselves and came to assist Ubong with Seun’s wounds. When every injury had been dressed as best as

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Mage of Binding: Chapter 54 A Sprung Trap

Seun and Ubong had been avoiding capture for days. He was surprised at the strength of his new companion. She seemed to have more vigor than he did. And she was deadly with the bow and arrow. They had run into some scouts but she was the quintessential hunter, noticing the target first and shooting them down from cover…