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What is God🎵…

What is God🎵… [sorry] What is Love🎵… What is Love🎵… Baby don’t hurt me🎵… Baby don’t hurt me🎵… Hahahhahahhahha…. Good morning readers, been months since we checked in or better yet tuned in to the The Bipolar Genius show. Basically since September when the first semester of my MBA program kicked off… go Rotman, yeah

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…Two Zero Zero and counting

Hello readers, this is post number 200, well might have reached 200 earlier but removed some posts (may do it again so will drop below 200…. hehehehe). It has taken longer than planned because initially I want to blog everyday, quickly realised that is not for me; so then it was to be when I

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Challenge Accepted

However, any worth while challenge should have a penalty, so if you do not meet up then for the next week you must spend an hour every day contemplating a global issue: discrimination, slavery, women’s rights, environmental issues etc. in absolute silence; you must consider the problem and come up with solutions and share the solutions.