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What’s in your wallet?

I started this post initially with the intent to remind us about things we need to know to be financially stable and secure- or at least where to start. However, once I wrote the title I was immediately intrigued with the literal meaning of the phrase I “borrowed” from Richard Quest. What “exactly” is in

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All is Transient

I was scrolling through social media, some thing I have found myself doing more and more since I have reduced the time I spend reading fiction- I have been lost in the world of fantasy this whole lockdown and missed some great moments to connect and be there for my friends but it is never

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Conversations of a morbid revelation.

“Hey, Mark do you have any friends, people you hang out with?”

Mark responded, “well they are not traditional friends in the way you implied but I read a lot of books and the characters become real to me. I know how they will react and can have conversations with them.”