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Mage of Binding Chapter 58: Fear and Disaster

Musa carried a bleeding and badly injured Turayo through the shadow path as he left the other surviving members of the resistance far behind, in their disorganized retreat. Musa, himself was not without wounds and was distraught at his present condition. He had felt that his abilities as an external mage of the darkness element

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Mage of Binding Chapter 48: Plots & Counterplots

Turayo still looked at Musa with misgivings for the death of the doctor but Musa remained nonchalant. It seemed the death of Niyi had not only swallowed all of Musa’s fear but maybe all of his cares except revenge. In fact, Musa had a singular focus to kill Hafis and the rest of the intruders

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Mage of Binding Chp 18: Returning to the clan

Musa left the four man squad miles behind and arrived at the hideout headquarters of the clan well before night. He was standing in a desolate mountainous area without any buildings or structures. A cool breeze blew out of a cave that was hidden from view, near the bottom of the valley that the mountains

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