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Mage of Binding Chapter 53: The Future Dawns

Musa awoke abruptly from a nightmare about the Leviathan’s Fall; it was a replay of the time when he ventured to the center of that dark enclosure, he was almost swallowed whole by the abyss in his mind left from Niyi’s death.

Mage of Binding Chapters 52: Forming Teams

Over the course of the next few weeks, Nnenna was still in negotiations with the King of Oshodi. Currently, Nnenna was stuck in a meeting with annoying ministers who spoke for King Fola as royalty cannot be seen to haggle while Obi, Amaka and Amina were exploring the city under the ‘protection’ of the royal

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Mage of Binding Chapter 51: The Embrace of Darkness

Musa turned back one final time, imagining what his friends and family were up to and whether he will lose something precious to him again, before steeling himself for the ordeal that was to come.  He was going into the darkness again. Both internally and externally. He wasn’t sure which was more of a threat.

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Mage of Binding Chapter 48: Plots & Counterplots

Turayo still looked at Musa with misgivings for the death of the doctor but Musa remained nonchalant. It seemed the death of Niyi had not only swallowed all of Musa’s fear but maybe all of his cares except revenge. In fact, Musa had a singular focus to kill Hafis and the rest of the intruders

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