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Missed days and light rays…

Hello readers, Yesterday was a hard day for me. I woke up and the day felt wrong. So I went back to sleep hoping to wake up on the right side of the bed I tossed and turned, I mumbled and rumbled. But sleep was not the release it promised. I listen to music and

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What works… works!

So my doctor always says this, “Whatever works, works” And he is right! Everything heals with time, and the fact that it might break and tear again does not invalidate that. However, some actions we take can speed up healing. Therefore I have a bag of tricks… coping mechanisms, from recording uplifting videos, to journaling,

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Fun… before the Sun is Out

Sometimes we just like to dance before work: It’s are morning cardio and relaxation routine. Hey don’t knock it till you try it…for people like me who love to dance…actual got to dance to survive…waking up knowing I am going to dance makes me happy. I will probably never be a musician or a professional

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