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Mage of Binding Chp 18: Returning to the clan

Musa left the four man squad miles behind and arrived at the hideout headquarters of the clan well before night. He was standing in a desolate mountainous area without any buildings or structures. A cool breeze blew out of a cave that was hidden from view, near the bottom of the valley that the mountains

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Mage of Binding Chp 15: Two years later

Deep in the middle of a rich and lush forest filled with the roars of massive beasts and the vibrant fragrance of fauna, a teenage girl stood still amidst the trees. She wore dark brown armour and a dark green cloak that camouflaged well with the little sunlight underneath the canopy of the forest. She

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Controlling the voices in your head.

And guess what?  These voices work together to form your choices, your WILL.


I am trained as a zoologist (and an economist) so all the amazing things you hear that ants,  dolphins or polar bears can do is somewhere in your gentic code just that your consciousness switches thing off o you to live longer than an ant.

But guess what those voices from your sub-conscious are switches and circuits that can override.

For instance you hear of mother’s carrying cars of their trapped kid,  or soldiers carrying their injuried comrade miles for aid