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The Underachievers: Dorian (Chapter 8)

Alise did not care about all the people, or how good Dorian looked controlling the crowd around him. Rather she was drawing to his smile and then she realized she had never seen so genuinely naturally happy before. Then Dorian’s eyes caught her silhouette and the look in his eyes now excited but scared her.

Move your body, Rock your body- perpetual motion

I was so engrossed in reading about these characters spectacular life that I spent all my time just doing that…I wasn’t hanging with friends…I wasn’t writing my own story…I wasn’t even focusing on my work, my career and my startup.

I had stopped moving

I see dead people…no wait I pray for dead people.

Friday November 2, was all souls day in the Catholic church and so I had arranged to go see the dead on Saturday November 3, with a friend of mine. This is no Zombie story…we went to a cemetery close to where I live for what is called “Plenary Indulgence” which is basically an act

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